Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Todos pecados son iguales

Do you ever wonder if maybe the street preachers are right?

There was one on the train coming home tonight, bearded and straggly. He spoke in Spanish so I couldn;t understand all of it, but what I could make out went something like this:

"All sins are the same. It doesn't matter whether you rob or kill, or if you only feel anger or greed. To God it's all the same; he only cares what's in your heart. So forget whatever you are pursuing in life. Money, success, it doesn't matter. Just think about your heart, because that's all that God sees. Just seek that there be no sin in your heart."

And isn't that what Jesus would say -- and isn't that who Jesus would be -- if he came back today?

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Globus said...

sometimes i think the street preachers are right. i was in madrid earlier this year and a couple were banging on about something. i don't spikka di lingo but hey, they sounded pretty interesting as a small crowd of people were hanging around avidly listening. then i realised they were actually street hawkers selling cheap CD's. i bought one on the spur of the moment. it's nelly furtado's last album and it's excellent :-)